Electronic Notes for Home Health & Contract Therapy

With the Medicare mandated EMR coming soon, there are many misconceptions about “Electronic Notes.”  Home Healthcare Assistant supports three different methods for patient note collection.  First, if you have to use handwritten notes, we can scan them and convert them to electronic documents.  Secondly, we also allow you to upload a form fillable PDF.  These can easily be completed on a laptop or mobile device and uploaded into our system.  Finally, you can use Visi-Notes.  Visi-Notes is our newest product which uses a wizard format that lets the therapist move step-by-step through a series of screens to complete the patient note online.  You can even collect the signature!  Visi-Notes functions on most portable devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android phones or other tablets.


Why should I use Visi-Notes (Electronic Notes)?

Most other software providers merely give you a form to fill out online.  There are lots of boxes to check and lots of scrolling.  There really is no intelligence built into the process.  As a matter of fact, most let you tell the system what type of note you want to complete and never check to see if it is the correct note.  Oh, and if you can’t complete the note at that time or need to make a change, you guessed it, start over.  Visi-Notes are not your average electronic note.  Since Visi-Notes are integrated into Home Healthcare Assistant, it chooses the correct note for you to complete.  If you can’t finish the note, just skip ahead and collect the patient’s signature.  Then go back and finish the note when it is more convenient.  Our easy to use interface makes note collection quick and easy.  Patient documentation should tell the patient’s treatment story from start to finish.  That is why Visi-Notes build the story with each completed patient note.  Let us show you how Visi-Notes can help you.

  • Step by Step Interface
  • Use on Mobile Devices
  • Collect Signatures
  • Easy to Use
  • Complete Notes Faster
  • Perfect for Contract Therapy