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Do you have flexibility when billing agencies for visits?

Yes, we have a very flexible billing module that allows you to build your own rates for radius billing.  You can also build your own inventory items as add-ons to your visits.  For example, with radius billing, you can charge a different rate for a patient that is more than 20 miles from your office.  You can not only charge the agency an additional fee, but also pay the therapist an additional fee.  You can use the system to provide discounts also!  With visit add-ons, you can add an item to the visits if you want to charge an additional fee for doing OASIS paperwork or charge a fee for VitalStim Therapy.  How about billing by the hour?  We can do that also!  If you have a therapist working at a hospital or nursing home, you can charge the agency an hourly rate and pay the therapist an hourly rate.

Can I use my own notes or the notes from an agency?

Yes, we provide three different options for patient note capture.  First, you can use handwritten notes with our scanning module.  We scan the patient note and then convert it to an electronic PDF document.  Second, you can use a form fill-able PDF and simply upload the document into our system.  This is as easy as uploading a picture into one of the social media sites.  Third, use our built-in Visi-Notes.  Visi-notes allow you to follow a wizard format that leads the therapist through a series of questions to build the electronic patient note and capture the signatures in real-time.

How is Home Healthcare Assistant different then other therapy software packages?

Home Healthcare Assistant was created specifically for contract therapy companies.  Our workflow process automates those familuar paper process.  This makes Home Healthcare Assistant easy to learn.  Home Healthcare Assistant is designed to make your company more efficient and more affective.   This more efficient way to run your business makes your company more profitable.  Many of your clients have been able to double the number of monthly visits without adding additional administrative staff.  Home Healthcare Assistant allows you to take an analytical view of your company with our numerous reports including profitability reporting, completed visits reports, daily visit completion, daily referral reports and our unique 13th and 19th visit cluster report.  Home Healthcare Assistant dynamically schedules the 13th and 19th visits and constantly monitors and changes the visits to meet Medicare requirements.  You can even see the average number of days it takes a therapist to complete an evaluation!

How much does it cost to use Home Healthcare Assistant?

We charge a small fee for the setup and training of your staff and a monthly usage fee.  We bill you monthly for the visits you complete/bill using Home Healthcare Assistant.  We use a sliding scale for the per-visit charges so the more visits you do, the lower the cost per visit.  We do not charge you for any visits that are considered non-billable.  So there is no charge for the following visit types: Eval Refused, Omit (missed visit), or Discharge without a visit.  There are no other hidden fees.  Here’s the important thing to know about the cost of our software: we have proven that using our software will actually save you money over manual paper processes.  The fully loaded administrative cost associated with running your company manually can be as high as $4.65 per visit.  Let us show you how to lower that cost significantly.