Save time during invoicing

Invoicing Made Easy:

Home Healthcare Assistant’s invoicing process is not only flexible, but is easy to use.  Simply put in your billing date range and HHA will find which agencies have visits meeting your criteria.  You also have the opportunity to select which visits to add to the invoice. We also allow you to customize the invoice to match the agency’s preferences.  For instance, some agencies might want the invoice sorted by visit date or patient last name.  You can set these preferences per agency so that they get the invoice exactly like they want it.  No need to put together a packet of notes, we do it for you.  Just click the notes bundle icon and we will generate a PDF file with each visit note that is on the invoice.  You can also export the invoices to a PDF or Excel spreadsheet.  Invoicing is so easy and quick that our clients tell us that they save hours or even days using Home Healthcare Assistant.

Radius/Rate Level Billing:
Radius/Rate Level billing let’s you easily attach extra fees to visits outside of your normal travel area.  You can build as many mileage radiuses or ranges as you want.  You can even build discounts with the radius billing module.  For instance if you want to give a discount for non-medicare patients, it is as easy as building the discount object and attaching it to the patient.

Hourly & Visit Add On: 
If you have therapist working in hospitals or nursing homes many times they want to pay you by the hour.  Home Healthcare Assistant makes it easy to bill by the hour.  When you bill a client by the hour, you can also pay the therapist by the hour.

Increase your profit with visit add-ons.  Do you want to bill extra for Vital Stim treament or other special tasks?  Our flexible billing module lets you create your own inventory items to add to vists!  Let us show you how our clients increase profitability by using visit add-ons.

Home Healthcare Assistant keeps billing in order.  Our simple workflow helps you invoice quickly and get paid faster.