Home Healthcare Assistant gives the administrators all the tools they need to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.  With our two levels of security, you can limit access to staff level administrators.  Easily track referrals with our workflow dashboard.  Abundant reports gives you real insight from profitability to trended scheduled visits.  Therapy management redefined.

Simple and easy to use.  At a glance, see important information such as…

  • Work Queue
    Unassigned visits
    List of upcoming discharges
    New Orders
    Visits missing notes or frequency
  • Billing Queue
    Visits waiting on completion
    Completed visits waiting to be billed
    Waiting on Payment
  • Task List
  • Visit Allocations
  • Missed Visits
  • Upcoming Assessments

We strive to give you the most complete view of your business allowing you to make sound decisions from proven analytics.

  • Case Reports
  • Patient Plotting
  • Therapist Trends
  • Productivity Reports by:
  • Agency Trends
  • Many, Many More!

No longer will billing and payroll be daunting task.  Our clients report huge time savings and use our billing and payroll exclusively.  Benefit from…

  • Radius/Rate Level Billing
  • Hourly Billing
  • Visit Add Ons
  • Accounts Receivable Reporting
  • Quickbooks Export
  • Custom Built Invoices

Click here to learn more about our Billing & Payroll process.

We take user administration to another level.  Not only can you manage accounts for office staff, therapist and agencies you can store critical business data for each.  For example…

  • Therapist Credentials – Store important credentials and expiration dates like, professional licenses, liability insurance, shot records, ceu’s and certifications.  You may choose the information you share about your therapist to agencies.
  • Agencies – Store contact details and info.  Set specific contacts in the agency who handle billing, referrals or supervisors.  Set agency specific contract rates.  Store important dates (contract renewals)