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Home Healthcare Assistant is designed to keep track of patients and increase profit.  Receive referrals in real-time then assign them with a click of a button.  With our easy-to-use interface, agencies can see what visits have been scheduled, and view patient notes.  Therapist  will stay on task and within frequency.

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Our software creates efficiency that gives you more time to grow your business and have more free time.  If you spend over 40 hours a week keeping your therapist and agencies on track then you need Home Healthcare Assistant.

Automatic Assesments

We don’t just give you a notice that the assessment is due, we change the schedule dynamically as the patient’s schedule changes.  So if you have a “missed visit” we recalculate the schedule to make sure you’re still in compliance.


Agencies log in and stay engaged in the patient’s care. Track patient visits from referral to discharge, print notes and invoices.


Keep therapist on track and in the know. Specialized visit tracking, electronic notes and other tools to keep therapy in compliance.


Home Healthcare Assistant gives administrators all the tools they need to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.


Invoice process that’s flexible with sophisticated easy to use tools.  Eliminate billing errors and get paid faster.


Fast and flexible. Easily verify payroll data. Export data to Quickbooks and Paycom. 


We have created a myriad of in depth reports that give you critical insight that help you better manage your business.


Electronic documentation that’s second to none. Say goodbye to hard to read hand written notes.

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Over 2 Million Visits Managed by Home Healthcare Assistant

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I highly recommend this product! It has totally changed the way I do business. It decreased the number of staff members from 2-3 to one person. It saves me a lot of money in payroll, taxes, and insurance.


Owner, Balanced Therapy, PLLC

Home Healthcare Assistant, an innovation in home healthcare software written exclusivly by VisiHealth Software LLC.  Home Healthcare Assistant is created specifically for contract therapy companies that provide physical, occupational and speech therapy.  Our patented workflow process is designed to keep track of your patient visits and increase your profit.  With Home Healthcare Assistant, you can receive referrals in real-time and online. Then assign them with a click of a button.  No need to fax, the referrals are entered online by the agency!  With our easy-to-use interface, Agencies can see what visits have been scheduled, and view patient notes.  Therapist can organize their schedule and keep on track because our system keeps them within frequency.